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Festival 2023

The second edition of the Festival Projeto:Canção took place from April 19th to 23rd in Casa das Artes, in Porto. After a successful first edition, the 2023’s Festival kept grounding foundations and presenting Art Song with a regular appearance on the cultural agendas of the city but also as a reference of the genre nationwide.


Concerts 2023

19 April

Recital de Canto e Piano - "Der Wanderer"

© Ivo Sousa

The first recital was "Der Wanderer" with the Ukrainian baritone Yuriy Hadzetskyy and the pianist Pedro Costa. The programme was centred on one of the fundamentals of the Germanic poetry of the Romantic Era: the lonely wanderer that travels in search for a inner sense of belonging in nature and self-discovery. Songs of iconic composers of the genre such as Schubert, Schumann, Brahms and Wolf were carefully selected for this purpose and were performed in parallel with the famous cycle “Songs of Travel” by the British composer Ralph Vaughan Williams.

Recital Jovem Duo - "Paisagens"

21 April

The second recital was a showcase of the new generation of Lied duos with the soprano Beatriz Maia and pianist Gustavo Afonso. If the previous concert focused on the Anglo Germanic music, this programme had a completely different aim with music from France and Portugal painting the musical landscapes (“Paisagens”, the title of the recital, meaning “Landscapes”). Through the evocative and charming songs of Fauré and Debussy, the duo started describing musical pictures with love and nature as main characters. These well-known melodies were balanced with lesser-known songs by a variety of Portuguese composers such as Victor Macedo Pinto, Luiz Costa, Berta Alves de Sousa e David de Souza which matched the character and sonorities of the French music.

© Beatriz Ramires

22 April

Lançamento de livro com colectânea de testemunhos

© Beatriz Ramires
© Beatriz Ramires

The third concert was more than just a concert - it was an Homage to the late legendary Portuguese baritone José de Oliveira Lopes and included testimonials from close friends, family and long-term colleagues, the launch of the book “In Memoriam” and the viewing of recorded performances of the artist. These events were followed by performances by the duo José d’Eça (son of José de Oliveira Lopes) and Luís Costa with songs by Beethoven. In the second half, the soprano Dora Rodrigues and pianist Luís Duarte brought a selection of Spanish songs by Falla and Granados.

Com os participantes da Masterclass

23 April

The last concert of the festival was also the final performance of the masterclass where all eight participant duos presented the result of the work done at the lied interpretation course with the pianist David Santos. The high level of the participants, most of them students in music universities in Portugal and Europe but also some professional duos, was the perfect ending to a week of celebration of Song, its rich tradition and its bright future ahead. 

© Projeto:Canção

Masterclass for Lied Duos
with pianist
David Santos

German and French Phonetics Workshop
with Pedro Costa and Tiago Matos

© Projeto:Canção
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